What you can use markers for? Well, they have a lot of uses – drawings, typography, quick sketches, design drawings etc.

My first drawings as a kid I made by using a simple blue ball point pen. It was the cheapest. Now young artists can choose from all those pens and markers available on the market. All the colours and shapes. It’s insane! I’m going to help you a little by showing you some of my markers that I use every day. They’re all black but that’s not a must. Choose what suits you the best.

The brand is not important. Half of my markers are cheap and are as good as the expensive ones. So if you are a beginner – buy the cheapest first. For starters, it’s perfect because you’ll have to practise a lot and you don’t want to spend your money on markers.

At first, they all look different at stores but that’s not true. Don’t be scared to open them. See what the shape of the tip is like. And a little warning – don’t buy a marker you haven’t opened and tried on a piece of paper. This way you’ll be sure you bought a “fresh” marker and not just an old one that laid there for years. It happens.

Here are some of my markers that I use every day.


These are used for typography. Sometimes it’s quicker to just pick a marker and start writing than take out an ink and nib.


These three markers are my favourite. I use them for designing and sketches.


Here are my big bad boys. Cover everything every time.20170430_085543

And the last one – a colour marker. The blue one is an example of 2 in 1 (big and small tip). Perfect for design sketches. You can find them in every colour but for beginners, I suggest 2 or 3 because they’re quite expensive. There are also markers that you can use multiple times. When the ink runs out you can buy bottles to fill the markers. Good for someone that uses it all the time, because they tend to go dry easily.  20170430_085611


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