Good pencils, better drawings

Pencils. Nothing unique. Simple, sharp (or not), long sticks. You don’t think about them because they’re just for quick note but if you want to use them for drawings, well that’s a different story. The commercial/brand pencils are usually too hard (HB) so not good for drawing. If you’re a beginner or just simply want to go to the next level with drawing than you are going to have to invest in quality. My advice – buy yourself a collection of pencils. From the softest (9B) to the hardest (H). Don’t buy the cheapest, pay a little more. The expensive ones are less fragile and last longer. Try every pencil in the collection. This way you can find out which one suits you the best.

The shape of the stick is also important. Expensive ones have the octagon shape and are better for holding them for hours. The bigger the better. Round ones can be too slippery and after an hour your fingers will hurt. Trust me. Been there, done that.

There’s also an alternative solution – a mechanical pencil. You buy it once and then buy graphite for it. They are quite thick so perfect for long, long drawing sessions.

Here you can see my pencil collection. It also shows which one I use often and less. As you can see I prefer softer pencils. Years back I used more 2B but it somehow changed and now I can’t live without 4B, 5B…8B…well, I love my collection.20170502_163500

My mechanical pencil. Worth every penny. I use it for larger drawings.



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