Be an artist in a few “numbers”

You hear everywhere - "everyone can cook, all you need is to follow the steps from the recipe". There's some truth in it, but let's be realistic - not everyone can be a chef! The same is with art. My mum was looking for a new hobby and I suggested painting. I thought it would be a great …

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Inspiration is very important and not only for artists. I like old books, but manuscripts never used interest me. But once I stumbled onto an exhibition of old, dusty manuscripts and I changed my mind. It was unbelievable! What's a manuscript? It's a document written by hand or typewritten. Before the whole printing invention, every book or scroll was …

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Movie – “Basquiat” 1996

"Basquiat" directed by Julian Schnabel, was one of my first movies about the artist that deeply moved my soul. It tells the true story about Jean Michel Basquiat (played by Jeffrey Wright) also known as SAMO. Maybe he wasn't an artist for long but his work definitely changed the perspective in art. At the beginning, …

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