Documentary – “Abstract: The Art of Design” 2017

A couple months ago I watched a very interesting documentary about design - Abstract: The Art of Design. It has 8 episodes. Each tells a story of a different artist. I found it very interesting because it shows various techniques, perspective and approach to art. All of the artists are well known. Their designs are …

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Great typography tool – writing with a stick.

I like to write with a stick but it wasn't always like that. At art school, it was a nightmare. At typography lesson, my professor asked us to make our own writing stick and write the favourite quote in gothic style. It only sounds easy. How to make your own writing tool? Any wood stick …

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Inspiration is very important and not only for artists. I like old books, but manuscripts never used interest me. But once I stumbled onto an exhibition of old, dusty manuscripts and I changed my mind. It was unbelievable! What's a manuscript? It's a document written by hand or typewritten. Before the whole printing invention, every book or scroll was …

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