Bookbinding course

What a day I had! I sign up for the bookbinding course and it was worth every penny! I learnt about the paper history and that the direction of the fibre is very important. But let's start from the beginning. Bookbinding is a process. You have to put together in the right order different types …

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Can you learn to draw?

A serious question - can you learn to draw? People have been asking me this question many times. The answer is going to be tricky. Let's count the possibilities: INBORN GIFT - that's the answer for people with inborn talent like Leonardo da Vinci or Michael Angelo and many more. They're usually self-taught. YES - …

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Be an artist in a few “numbers”

You hear everywhere - "everyone can cook, all you need is to follow the steps from the recipe". There's some truth in it, but let's be realistic - not everyone can be a chef! The same is with art. My mum was looking for a new hobby and I suggested painting. I thought it would be a great …

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Inspiration is very important and not only for artists. I like old books, but manuscripts never used interest me. But once I stumbled onto an exhibition of old, dusty manuscripts and I changed my mind. It was unbelievable! What's a manuscript? It's a document written by hand or typewritten. Before the whole printing invention, every book or scroll was …

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Azulejo is a glazed coloured tile used in Spain and Portugal. They cover a lot of the building's walls and floors there. The view of the building with blue tiles is just magnificent. I really recommend it. Add it to the "to-do list". The theme of azulejo is not only patterns but also sea scenes, mythology and …

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Things that I just can’t live without

Do you have a thing or things that you just can't live without? Well, I do! I bet most of you are going to say - smartphone. Did I guess? Yes, I know I did! It's funny because in every century people have different needs. They cherish different things. Back in years, having the biggest …

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Copperplate and Spencerian script

A few weeks ago I have taken part in a calligraphic writing workshop. I had decided to attend one so I could learn something new. It's good to learn new skills. I was never very good with "beautiful" handwriting so I thought to myself - why not?! Maybe it will help me with my usual writing. Make it …

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Movie – “Basquiat” 1996

"Basquiat" directed by Julian Schnabel, was one of my first movies about the artist that deeply moved my soul. It tells the true story about Jean Michel Basquiat (played by Jeffrey Wright) also known as SAMO. Maybe he wasn't an artist for long but his work definitely changed the perspective in art. At the beginning, …

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