Bookbinding course

What a day I had! I sign up for the bookbinding course and it was worth every penny! I learnt about the paper history and that the direction of the fibre is very important. But let's start from the beginning. Bookbinding is a process. You have to put together in the right order different types …

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My very own azulejo.

This is my second text about azulejo. The first one you can read HERE. So in the previous article, I wrote about my first journey with painting on tiles. It didn't go well but as some great minds say - "practice makes perfect". Recently I bought tiles and decided to try again. At least I …

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Funny and cheerfull birthday pattern paper

Forgot to package your friend birthday present? Don't worry because I have one just for you and for free! Colourful balloons, presents and hats - they clearly scream Bday! Pattern to download for free - birthday_pattern (for your own use only).    


More Christmas present ideas

How about more Christmas ideas? Yeh, I thought so! painting by numbers - it's a good present for a creative person but also for someone who is just looking for a new hobby. I bought it once for my mom and she wants more ever since! kitchen chef - the fan of cooking has never …

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Christmas present ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and where are you with your present ideas? Buying present isn't easy so I'm going to help you with that. I certainly believe that you can buy perfect presents for your loved ones by not spending too much money. Let's start the counting! magnets - if your friend has …

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Christmas help is coming!

Christmas is coming and so is the help. I know that shopping can be overwhelming so every help is welcome. I do my gift shopping and grocery shopping list every year. It just works! With the list by your side, you won't forget a thing! My lists have a little touch of Christmas so it …

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Halloween – table cards

How about table cards to brighten your Halloween party? I've made them especially for you! Below you'll find a download bottom for a pdf file. All you have to do is print it and cut down. Pretty easy, right? Enjoy! Download_halloween - table cards. For your own use only.


It’s time for Halloween!

Halloween is coming. Are you ready? How about some free download covers for your phone or computer to get you in the right mood? I've made a black and white kitten for a phone. Download: halloween_320x480_black   |    halloween_320x480_white halloween_640x1136_black    |     halloween_640x1136_white A haunted house for your computer screen. Download: halloween_1920x1080   |   halloween_1440x900 halloween_1280x800   |   halloween_1024x640 All …

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Be an artist in a few “numbers”

You hear everywhere - "everyone can cook, all you need is to follow the steps from the recipe". There's some truth in it, but let's be realistic - not everyone can be a chef! The same is with art. My mum was looking for a new hobby and I suggested painting. I thought it would be a great …

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