Bookbinding course

What a day I had! I sign up for the bookbinding course and it was worth every penny! I learnt about the paper history and that the direction of the fibre is very important. But let's start from the beginning. Bookbinding is a process. You have to put together in the right order different types …

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Good light – how to properly light your workspace

Workspace. Your sanctuary. The place where all the magic is. Your own temple. If you place objects in right spots than all the work seems to go smoothly. You put your desk, comfortable chair, computer, keyboard, mouse etc. But what about light? Everyone knows that the best light is the sunlight. Maybe that's why most …

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What’s better – digital or traditional film photography?

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I'm not a professional photographer, but an amateur. I treat it as a hobby. I'm just sharing with you my personal opinion on that matter. I remember times before the digital cameras appeared. Everyone was using traditional film. They were with us the whole time …

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Movie – “The September issue” 2009

It's a documentary movie about Anna Wintour, the chief-in-editor of Vogue, and the process of creating a September issue - the most important month in fashion. We follow the work of people that create "the fashion bible" and observe the pressure they have to deal with every day. The movie begins with the explanation by …

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Valentine’s Day – how to celebrate it?

Valentine's Day can be overwhelming sometimes. Hearts everywhere around you: shopping windows, magazines, television, radio etc. Not everyone has a romantic nature. Let's be honest, chocolates, red roses and dinner aren't enough romantic anymore. I'm not a love specialist but let me point out some of my romantic ideas. They're not only for couples. I'm …

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My very own azulejo.

This is my second text about azulejo. The first one you can read HERE. So in the previous article, I wrote about my first journey with painting on tiles. It didn't go well but as some great minds say - "practice makes perfect". Recently I bought tiles and decided to try again. At least I …

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Movie – “Factory Girl” 2006

"Factory Girl" from 2006 is the true story about a friendship between Edie Sedgwick (played by Sienna Miller) and Andy Warhol (played by Guy Pearce). The movie shows the life of an uncertain young girl who is desperate to be noticed. In a short period of time, she becomes the superstar of an unfamous back …

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Book – “Patterns in fashion” by Macarena San Martin

The book is the collection of different patterns used on materials. It shows the way of displaying the patterns on clothes. It is also categorized in colours which is great, in my opinion. It's a nice and useful present for a fashion fan but not only. I like patterns. Whenever I feel stuck at work …

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Funny and cheerfull birthday pattern paper

Forgot to package your friend birthday present? Don't worry because I have one just for you and for free! Colourful balloons, presents and hats - they clearly scream Bday! Pattern to download for free - birthday_pattern (for your own use only).    


Happy New Year!

In 2018, I wish you happy moments, only a little tears, cheap shopping, creative projects and good people around you. Travel us much as you can and meet inspiring people. I hope that 2018 will be extra special for you! Cheers!